Top 12 Reasons to Sign Up
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1. Online Viewing

Never worry about losing a yearbook. Students and parents can view all your yearbooks online.

2. Great Value

With no monthly or annual fees you can purchase each of your yearbooks for only $5…WHAT A PRICE!!

3. Continual Access

Schools, students, and parents can access yearbooks FOREVER.

4. Safe and Secure

For recent years, only those who have been given access can view and purchase yearbooks.

5. Sign Yearbooks

Coming Soon, you’ll be able to sign your friend’s yearbook if you didn’t get to the first time.

6. Take your books everywhere

In our Tech-savy world you can view your yearbook anywhere you can access the web via your iphone, ipads, tablets, etc.

7. Reconnect

You can connect with your class for reunions and set up coming events.

8. School Memories in one place

All of a student’s experiences in can be accessed from our secure website.

9. Financial Simplicity

Parents and/or students can make purchase online.

10. Online Backup Storage

Our servers allow you to always have access without worry of losing any information.

11. Go green

Viewing yearbooks online allows you to “Go Green.”

12. Give Back

For each yearbook purchased, a portion will go to support the school.

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